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Net and Web developer

Net and Web developer

Net and Web developer

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I am a Campos /Mallorca based creative, human, multidisciplinary IT Net and Web developer.

More than 10 years of offering my Computer services worldwide, made me familiar with all kind of tools and workflows for Net & Web purposes.

My IT Computer knowledge :
Digital Animations ( 2, 2.5, 3 D, HTML5 ) for all browsers, devices or Video formats. Integral Responsive Web development. That includes:  Banners, CMS, Design, Illustrations, JavaScript, JQuery, Mobil App developement, Motion tracking, Music production, Network, Online shops, Online publicity, Rich media, Tutorials, SEO, Social media, Video Mapping, Visual Marketing solutions, Webflow, Wordpress and all the common tools from Adobe, Apple and Microsoft. 

I speak perfect Castellano, Català, Deutsch and English.

Do you have any related upcoming project and want to hire me.
Need some advise or help from a experienced digital Pro ?

Please contact me:  clausungermallorca@gmail.com

Thanks for your attention and have a great day.

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